"Postcards of the Day" — November 2006

dec 2003

This was our first Christmas in our house and Amme and Poppy were visiting to help celebrate. It's hard to believe he used to have such chubby cheeks.   [posted Nov 29, 2006]

jun 2003

Sarah and Ethan on our venture to Falls Lake State Park. It was a very windy day and we found out that the park has very little to offer if you are not a boater.   [posted Nov 27, 2006]

jul 2004

Maggie and the bumper. Back to when it all began.   [posted Nov 22, 2006]

oct 2006

Ethan and Maggie are preparing for Halloween by looking at costumes in a catalog. Not surprisingly, most were deemed "too scary".   [posted Nov 21, 2006]

jul 2005

While Ethan loved the baseball game, Maggie couldn't care less. She'd rather play on the playground at the baseball stadium.   [posted Nov 20, 2006]

jul 2005

We went to a Durham Bulls baseball game last July with some friends in our small group. I had to keep explaining to Ethan why we couldn't go out and play baseball on the field, that we were there just to watch. The fireworks after the game were a big hit with him. I'm assuming the cotton candy was as well.   [posted Nov 18, 2006]

jul 2006

While we were up in the Adirondacks, we took the kids to play miniature golf. Here they are at the "pirate" themed course in Lake Placid, NY.   [posted Nov 17, 2006]

jul 2006

This is one of my favorite shots of Ethan from when we were up in the Adirondacks this summer. Here he is sitting on the side of the Ausable river, throwing rocks and scaring all the wildlife. I managed to get him to stop just long enough to make him look peaceful. :)  
[posted Nov 16, 2006]

may 2006

This is another picture from our hike at Eno River State Park this past May. Here we are at our destination and everyone else is enjoying the view and the water, but Maggie just wants to eat.   [posted Nov 15, 2006]

nov 2006

Ethan was having a hard time sleeping Wednesday night, so we let him come sleep in our bed. I woke up around 3:00am (because I was unable to move) to find Maggie asleep on the other side of me. I don't know how, but she knew Ethan was no longer in the same room as her and crawled up in our bed to sleep with us. Maybe they ARE twins. Anyway, they were still passed out after Sarah and I had gotten up and dressed.   [posted Nov 10, 2006]

nov 2006

[posted Nov 9, 2006]

mar 2005

[posted Nov 7, 2006]

feb 2003

[posted Nov 6, 2006]

nov 2005

[posted Nov 3, 2006]

may 2006

[posted Nov 2, 2006]

happy halloween

[posted Nov 1, 2006]