"Postcards of the Day" — January 2007

jul 2004

Maggie is sporting the "umbrella" dress. In a pinch, it can also substitute as a "parachute" dress.   [posted Jan 27, 2007]

jun 2004

Mimi and Maggie, all smiles.   [posted Jan 25, 2007]

jun 2002

Little Ethan, before we went out on a walk 4½ years ago. Has it been that long?  
[posted Jan 24, 2007]

jan 2007

Maggie has discovered the Wii and there are three junkies in the house now. We'll get Sarah someday, and her little dog too...   [posted Jan 22, 2007]

jan 2007

Snow in NC? Wasn't it 70° three days ago? It took some work, but we managed to get out to play in the snow. We had to take advantage of it, it's not like we see it very often.   [posted Jan 19, 2007]

jan 2003

Sometimes I forget that our kids used to have chubby cheeks. Ethan just received a Red Rider push bicycle from Mimi and Marty. Does he look excited?   [posted Jan 18, 2007]

jan 2007

Sarah had Monday off, so we decided to brave the brisk January weather (70 degrees) and head out for a hike up Occoneechee Mountain. With a total elevation of a whopping 867 feet, it is the highest point in Orange County. Believe it or not, we were able to leave our house at 11:00am, hike up the mountain, eat lunch, hike (and fall) down and still make it home before 2:00pm. Here the kids have just finished their lunches and are recharged for the hike down.   [posted Jan 16, 2007]

jan 2007

Here's Maggie getting comfortable while she reads at the computer desk.   [posted Jan 15, 2007]

dec 2006

A few days before Christmas we went outside so we could enjoy the nice warm weather. Ethan and Maggie rode their bikes while the Poppy-razzi chased.   [posted Jan 11, 2007]

dec 2006

Sarah and Maggie had a ladies night and went to see "The Nutcracker" in December. When Maggie found out about this a few weeks beforehand, she was so excited and asked about it several times a day. Thankfully, the day did come and the ladies got dressed up and had lots of fun.  
[posted Jan 9, 2007]

jan 2005

This is one most of you have probably already seen. It's one of my favorites of Maggie and it's on the wall of our dining room. She's sitting on the sidewalk in the front yard, wearing a fuzzy winter hat and cooperating with the photographer very nicely.   [posted Jan 6, 2007]

jan 2004

What is this white stuff? It surely isn't snow, not here in sunny North Carolina. I don't think we've had any snow since, surprise surprise. We can only hope to see it again some day soon.  
[posted Jan 4, 2007]

dec 2006

It's not very cold here, not for this time of year at least. We decided to get out of the house and head to the Science Museum for a little fun. Here the kids are having fun jumping off a big rock outside the Grey Wolves. Forget the wolves, there's a big rock!   [posted Jan 1, 2007]