"Postcards of the Day" — March 2007

apr 2006

April 30, 2006 — Last April, we took a trip to Bald Head Island with some friends in our small group. Ever since, I've been dying to get back. I don't know exactly why I love Bald Head so much, but it was a great time and I hope we can get back there sometime soon.  [posted Mar 30, 2007]

mar 2007

March 27, 2007 — Somebody took blue sidewalk chalk and colored all over the back deck. I wasn't sure, but I had my suspicions. One fessed up easily, not that he needed to — it was pretty obvious. The other culprit was a tough cookie to crack, cool under pressure. :)  [posted Mar 29, 2007]

apr 2005

April 1, 2005 — This was our April Fool's Day from the kids and what a pleasant surprise it was to wake up to. A word to the wise though, don't leave the Easter baskets sitting around for little kids to get into.  [posted Mar 28, 2007]

I didn't make it to Ethan's first soccer game, which I am very bummed about, but I did manage to take a few pictures when he got home. He finally got his jersey and boy is he excited. It looks like he can wear it for the next 5 years! He didn't get to pick his number, but he did get #22 – which I found to be very cool. The boy who was just diagnosed with 22q deletion randomly gets issued the #22 jersey. Is this some sort of sign? I love it and so does he!  [posted Mar 25, 2007]

mar 2005

It's never too early to start playing dress-up.  [posted Mar 23, 2007]

mar 2007

Guess who scored a goal in the scrimmage at last night's practice? I guess it pays off to stay away from the wild pack of 5-year olds that rush the ball. Just pick up the ball that squirts out of the pack and take it to the goal. That's our new strategy, but don't tell anyone.  [posted Mar 22, 2007]

mar 2006

I'd better put something up with Maggie before she gets upset. Here she is at Granny's house and Granny is trying to fix her hair. I don't think she was successful because Maggie wouldn't stay still.  
[posted Mar 21, 2007]

mar 2004

Somebody let the poor boy come back inside.  [posted Mar 20, 2007]

mar 2007

Someone had his first soccer practice last evening. He's not the least bit excited.  
[posted Mar 15, 2007]

mar 2006

Ethan and Maggie playing in the small rocking chair at Granny & Papa's house.  
[posted Mar 14, 2007]

oct 2006

"Bag-head" Maggie lounging with a tired Marty last year at the Folk Festival in Richmond.  
[posted Mar 09, 2007]

mar 2007

Ethan, one of my most frequent visitors to FreesFrame, noticed the picture of Maggie at the hospital. He asked me why he didn't have a picture up, so here it is. This is Ethan sitting with mommy just a few minutes after having his tubes put in.  [posted Mar 07, 2007]

feb 2004

Here's an oldie. Ethan laying down next to his very new sister back in 2004.  [posted Mar 06, 2007]

mar 2007

Look at those tonsils. No wonder she was having trouble sleeping at night. The doctor actually said her voice will sound much younger now. I GUESS SO.  [posted Mar 04, 2007]

mar 2007

Maggie in the pre-op room, waiting for her turn. She looks so little in that bed.  
[posted Mar 02, 2007]