"Postcards of the Day" — July 2007

jul 2004

July 9, 2004 — Someone enjoys the beach way too much.  [posted July 31, 2007]

jul 2002

July 2002 — Here is another Chincoteague picture. This is where we'll be in exactly one week. This is from Ethan's first trip way back in 2002, just relaxing on the back deck of our beloved "Kokomo".  
[posted July 29, 2007]

jul 2007

July 21, 2007 — Fun was had by all at Poppy's birthday bash. Maggie got to take home a purple balloon at the end of the day.  [posted July 27, 2007]

July 6, 2007 — Some of Ethan's older friends can ride their bikes without training wheels. This has Ethan determined to learn to ride his bike without them as well. Here are a few pictures of one of the mornings we spent practicing in the driveway. I stopped taking pictures after he accidentally ran over Maggie.  [posted Jul 26, 2007]

july 25th

Enough about the kids for one it's about the parents because today is our anniversary. Nine years ago, Sarah did something completely absurd and agreed to spend the rest of her life by my side. Thank you Sarah, for being so patient and loving these past nine years.  
[posted Jul 25, 2007]

jul 2007

July 15, 2007 — While we were visiting Mimi and Marty last weekend, we took the kids to a park in the 95 degree midday heat. We didn't last long, but the kids did have a good time. (picture credit goes to Sarah)  [posted Jul 24, 2007]

jul 2007

July 14, 2007 — We went to visit our new niece/cousin Vivienne last weekend. She was the star that afternoon, rightfully so.  [posted Jul 20, 2007]

jul 2003

July, 2003 — Here's Ethan on his second trip to the beach. I believe he's making a dash for the water.  [posted Jul 17, 2007]

jul 2005

July 16, 2005 — One year later, here's Maggie at the beach. This was the first year that she could actually enjoy the beach.  [posted Jul 11, 2007]

jul 2004

July 9, 2004 — We were in Chincoteague this time 3 years ago. I miss this...I think I'm ready to be back. Only a few weeks to go.  [posted Jul 10, 2007]

jun 2007

June 20, 2007 — Aunt Barbara brought a toy out for us to play with, this ball that opens into a parachute when thrown into the air. The kids loved it, but weren't quite able to get it to stay into a ball long enough to throw it up into the air. Maggie just had fun running around with it behind her.  [posted Jul 6, 2007]

July 4, 2007 — We went to the UNC campus with some friends to see fireworks last night. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  [posted Jul 5, 2007]

jun 2007

June 22, 2007 — While up in NY, we went to "The Wild Center" in Tupper Lake. We walked an outdoor trail to the river to see some of the wild, mostly we just saw rain. The kids had a great time on the walk though. Ethan, Maggie and Éva liked to run ahead of us and gather in a bouncing bundle of giggles and scream "we're lost, we're lost". I'm not buying it.  [posted Jul 3, 2007]