"Postcards of the Day" — October 2007

august 2007

August 6, 2007 — Yes, today may be the day that we all celebrate Halloween - but a lesser known and more important fact about today is that it's Mimi & Marty's anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY guys, we love you.  [posted Oct 31, 2007]

October 28, 2007 — A week and a half ago, both the kids went on a field trip and got pumpkins from farmer Mark. This weekend, we finally carved the pumpkins. Here are five pictures from our fun. Ethan wanted a sad pumpkin and Maggie wanted a happy pumpkin.  [posted Oct 30, 2007]

october 2007

October 27, 2007 — The kids looking rather lethargic on the couch. It's been a long week dealing with sickness. Just when we start seeing the end of the week-long fever for Ethan, Maggie tells us this morning that her neck (throat) hurts.  [posted Oct 29, 2007]

may 2005

May 1, 2005 — Maggie giving Ethan a kiss out in the front yard.  [posted Oct 24, 2007]

oct 2005

October 19, 2005 — Maggie lounging in the playroom floor.  [posted Oct 22, 2007]

oct 2002

October 21, 2002 — Halloween's coming up and we know "where the wild things are".
[posted Oct 19, 2007]

oct 2007

October 6, 2007 — Maggie by the water's edge.  [posted Oct 18, 2007]

oct 2007

October 6, 2007 — We took a ferry ride over to the Knotts Island and the National Wildlife Refuge. Maggie decided that she wanted to drive and navigate once we got off the ferry. At least she's looking at the right state.  [posted Oct 17, 2007]

oct 2007

October 6, 2007 — Ethan sitting by the Currituck Sound on an early Saturday morning.
[posted Oct 16, 2007]

aug 2007

August 4, 2007 — Welcome home and Happy Birthday, Papa!  [posted Oct 14, 2007]

oct 2007

October 6, 2007 — We took a ferry ride to the nearby Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge. After the 2 hour process to get there (waiting for and riding the ferry) we realized the majority of the refuge was closed for deer hunting. We did manage to find one small trail, a marsh loop, and this picture is from that short walk. I forced them to stand near each other so I could try to get a picture. Do you think she's happy or upset?  [posted Oct 12, 2007]

oct 2007

October 6, 2007 — Maggie playing in the Currituck Sound.  [posted Oct 11, 2007]

oct 2007

October 6, 2007 — Like I said yesterday, the campsite was right on the water. Since it was a typical October scorcher the kids decided to go swimming.  [posted Oct 10, 2007]

oct 2007

October 6, 2007 — We went out to Currituck on the NC coast this past weekend for two nights of camping. The campground was right on the water and the kids had a great time. Maggie, Ethan, Kayleigh and Jackson are sitting here on a "Hobie Cat" that was at the campsite.
[posted Oct 09, 2007]

oct 2006

October 21, 2006 — About this time last year, we had Kayleigh and Jackson come over for the weekend. Maggie and Kayleigh had some makeovers courtesy of Sarah. This is one of the shots I was able to get of Maggie afterwards.  [posted Oct 05, 2007]

September 29, 2007 — Here are some shots from Ethan's soccer game this past Saturday. This is probably his last season of soccer, he asks the coach to be substituted out every chance he gets. When your child runs off the field during the play of a game to tell you that he wants to play baseball, maybe he needs to be playing something that keeps his interest. :) But we still have fun and that's all that really matters. (click on the right side to go to the next picture, the left side for the previous picture - there are 9 slides)  [posted Oct 04, 2007]

September 18, 2007 — Ethan was student of the day in his class two weeks ago. Part of that honor includes having all your classmates create a drawing of you. Here are the drawings of Ethan that came home from his classmates. I was quite impressed.  [posted Oct 01, 2007]